RoyalStox Review: What Makes RoyalStox Different From the Rest of the Online Brokers?


RoyalStox Review

A lot of the traders who signed up with RoyalStox from around the world have agreed that it is one of the most unique brokers they saw online. Uniqueness can be quite a factor for any online broker, especially when it also offers value to the customers. So, does RoyalStox really have anything that can make it different from the rest of the online brokers? Let’s take a look at what this broker has to offer and find out the differentiating factors. 

Factors That Make RoyalStox Different

A Complete Trading Platform 

The first thing you will love about this broker as an experienced or a new trader is the trading platform that you get access to. Of course, MetaTrader 4 is the best trading platform that the online trading industry has ever used, but that’s not the only thing that makes RoyalStox’s trading platform complete. The broker has made this platform available to you in every format depending on your use of the device. If you don’t like downloading softwares on your devices, you can go with the Web Trader. With Web Trader, you can start trading on any device using just the browser. 

Additionally, you can download the software in a smartphone application format. This way, the application can travel with you wherever you go. And don’t be scared that the software will be missing lots of features and a smooth trading experience on your mobile device. The mobile application is just as complete as the desktop or the web trader version of the software. 

Simplified Account Types 

You are going to love the way the broker has designed its account types. If you look closely, there is one account type designed solely for those who are stepping in the trading world for the first time. This particular account type requires a very small initial deposit from you and gives you access to all the financial markets through tight spreads. You don’t have to pay any commissions on your trades and the spreads are fixed for your convenience. Facilities like expert advisor, personal account manager, basic training, hedging, etc. are common in all the four account types. Therefore, you are not losing much if you sign up with the basic package. 

If you like variable spreads, you can go with any of the remaining three accounts. The best thing is that you will get a bigger leverage with the advanced account types. You will also have an experienced consultant by your side if you go with one of the two advanced account types. One-on-one training is not available for the most basic package but you can enjoy this feature if you go with the gold or premium account types. In short, you are not missing the most crucial features with the basic account but you are also getting enough additional value when you sign up with the advanced accounts. 

Simplified Banking 

There are some things that are not different from what you get with other brokers. For example, you can deposit money in your online account with the help of wire transfers. You get the same feature with almost every other broker. In a similar manner, the option of depositing money through credit cards is nothing different. However, you can use your debit card with RoyalStox, which is something you can’t use with most other brokers. Furthermore, the type of credit cards that you can use with RoyalStox is also a plus. You can use MasterCard, Visa, Maestro UK, Visa Electron, Diners, etc. options with RoyalStox. You certainly cannot use all of these options with many of the online brokers. 

The most amazing thing about the banking portion of RoyalStox is that you can deposit your money through many of the internet payment options with the most famous options like Neteller and Skrill included. Things get even better when you look at the fact that you can transfer money into your account through your crypto wallet as well. Yes, you don’t have to exchange your bitcoins anymore before you deposit them in your account because with the crypto wallet option, you can transfer the digital coins directly into your account. 

Cryptocurrency Trading 

Cryptocurrency trading makes RoyalStox unique from many online brokers. You have to agree that this broker is one of the most committed brokers when it comes to giving traders the access to the best financial markets. It might be a new market right now but no one can deny the lucrativeness and productivity of the cryptocurrency market. When you sign up with RoyalStox, you can trade many different cryptocurrencies from the same trading platform. Whether you like the highly valued bitcoin or the safer and more future-proof nature of ethereum, you can trade them both from the same trading platform from RoyalStox. 

Additionally, you have other big cryptocurrencies available for trading such as monero, ripple, bitcoin gold, litecoin. You can exchange these currencies against some of the most stable fiat currencies. The best thing is that you will be able to get some leverage on cryptocurrency trading as well. You don’t have to worry about the small deposit in your account because a leverage is going to let you control big trades anyway. 

Cannabis Stocks Trading 

There is a completely separate section dedicated to cannabis stocks on RoyalStox website. You can’t really call these stocks the conventional stocks you have available on most of the asset indices from most other brokers. Cannabis stocks are gaining value faster than any other stocks in the recent years. Just a few years ago, the law was not very clear about the use of cannabis and the products made from it. However, the laws are very clear now paving way for companies to make all sorts of products from this amazing herb. The medical benefits of cannabis are aplenty. Some of the best cannabis stocks that you can find in the market are available for trading with RoyalStox. 

Again, you have access to the biggest of leverages when you trade these stocks with this broker. Control large trades and take the larger portion of the profit you make home because of the tight spreads. 

Breathable Trading Conditions 

When you sign up with other brokers, you are often looking for some space to breathe. They have their trading conditions so tightly pressuring you that trading smoothly and comfortably remains only a dream. You will learn from many RoyalStox review pages that customers enjoy all the freedom when you open your account with RoyalStox. The trading conditions here are quite friendly for the traders. The first thing that you have to admire is that there are no fees for you to pay on your trades. There are neither trading fees nor commissions to pay. You just have to know the spreads before you trade. This system allows you to take home most part of the profit you make on your trades. 

The leverage is available to you even if you sign up with the most basic account type. When you go with the basic account, the leverage is 1:100 whereas the same leverage goes up to 1:200 when you go with the advanced account types. You don’t have any restrictions on what strategies you take up to minimize your profits. If you like to minimize your risks through hedging, you can do that easily because hedging is allowed to you irrespective of the account type you pick. 

Proper Educational Material 

You will not be made to read or watch generic trade related content when you sign up with RoyalStox. The broker has brought to you some of the most professional content to teach you the many trading strategies. If you like to learn slowly, you can go with the ebooks. If you like to complete your training in less time, you can go with the video-based training material. However, the best part of the educational material from RoyalStox is the access to the webinars. Yes, you can get access to the webinars depending on the account type you choose. You can even ask your questions live when you are attending the webinars from the most experienced trading professionals. 

True Safety Standards 

RoyalStox also has the truest safety standards in place for its traders. Your information is protected through the prevailing encryption standards so it is safe as soon as you provide it on the website. The money you deposit in your account is maintained by the company in segregated accounts. Anti-money laundering and KYC policies require you to present authentic evidences of your identity at the time of signup. This ensures that no one would sign up and start trading with RoyalStox in your name with a stolen identity. 

Bottom Line 

Yes, there are certain features that you can say are pretty common among most of the online brokers. However, the features mentioned above are a clear proof that RoyalStox puts a lot of emphasis on making its platform friendly for its traders. Whether you are a new trader or an seasoned veteran of the industry, you can enjoy some amazing trading conditions and trade in some of the most exotic and lucrative financial markets with RoyalStox.