Selection of Forex Trading Charts

As with many other issues in the forex market, the selection of your forex trading charts requires far more care, thought and consideration than would appear to be the case at first glance – after all, one chart is much the same as another, isn’t it? Sadly this is not the case, and most forex traders simply use those provided by their broker, mainly because they are easy to use, require no thought, and are generally free. Many traders never, ever, question whether these are the best solution, or indeed what lies behind the numbers being quoted by your fx broker, or even if there are alternatives available which may provide a different perspective on the current price action. In the world of forex trading this is a big mistake. Whilst superficially one chart looks much the same as another, beneath this veneer of simplicity lies a complex web of price feeds and market players, all of whom have differing agendas. Whilst the currency market may be very efficient at providing you with a pr…

Silicon Valley Executive Pays SEC Insider Trading Fine For Tipping Brothers

(Reuters) - The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission said a former senior executive at Qualys Inc (QLYS.O) will pay a $581,170 insider trading penalty for helping his brothers sell their shares in the Silicon Valley cloud security company after learning it would report disappointing revenue.
Amer Deeba, 51, who resigned this month as Qualys’ chief commercial officer, was accused of telling his brothers in April 2015 that the company had missed its first-quarter sales forecast, and arranging for their broker to sell their shares.
The SEC said Deeba’s brothers, both Lebanese citizens, avoided $581,170 of losses by selling their stock before Qualys revealed the shortfall and cut its full-year revenue forecast on May 4, 2015. Qualys’ share price fell 33 percent the next day.
“We announced the bad news today,” Deeba, then Qualys’ vice president of corporate development and strategic alliances, texted his younger brother after the Foster City, California-based company revealed it.
The SEC sa…

How to Choose a Cryptocurrency Broker

In the financial markets, there is such a thing as a Cryptocurrency broker. A Cryptocurrency broker is known as CFD broker (such as 4XFX). Cryptocurrencies trading may or may not be regulated, this makes trading risky and prone to fraud. Today we will discover how to choose your Cryptocurrency broker. 
It is always smart to research into what you want to invest towards. Cryptocurrency brokers are difficult decide on and choosing the wrong one means the difference between losing and making money. 
Financial Assets 
Every broker has an asset index available on their website. If the asset index is unavailable you are able to look up broker reviews online. Financial assets may come on the form of commodities, currency pairs, indices, cryptocurrencies or stocks. 
Trading Instruments 
Most brokers have the exact same set of trading instruments, and others will showcase the uncommon trading instruments. Deciding which way you wish to make your trades is important. Trades may be placed us…

4 Things You Need to Do Before Settling for an Effective Forex Trading Strategy

There is a saying that advises you to look before you leap. This saying can be applied to forex trading and can be the difference between you joining the bands of successful forex trader or those who drop out because they can’t seem to make a dime from forex trading, no matter how they try. Sadly, many people jump into forex trading without doing their due diligence. A quick visit to most forex trading forums will show that those who are asking if they can make $1,000 a day don’t even know what they are talking about. They think forex trading is simply “buy low, sell high”. While this might be fundamentally true, there is more to it. In this article, we’ll be looking at the things you need to do before adopting a forex trading strategy.
Scout for Effective Strategies
If you are new to this, you can start looking for strategies by simply asking around. here’s a tip: avoid following the salesy products that you find online when doing your search. Instead, go to the forex trading forums an…