Benefit From The Latest Metatrader 4 Updates

Metatrader is known as one of the best trading platforms known out there. This platform is used by some of the industry leading online forex brokers for its ease of use, intuitive user interface and a feature-rich environment. The updates are brought on to this software quickly by its developers and this is the reason this platform is leading the way currently in the forex trading platform world. New plugins and add-ons are added to the software as well to make it more useful for the traders and help them in doing better and more well-informed trades. 

The mirror trading is getting better and better with time on MetaTrader 4. More options are being added and more strategies of the seasoned and experienced traders are being provided to the traders. The latest updates done on the software have allowed the users to view the logs of their terminals thoroughly. The developers have also added a great filter option so the logs can be filtered by users as they want. The strategy tester and expert advisors’ logs are also included in the logs. The users can decide when to clear these logs and can view them in a separate window with the help of just one click.

Forex trading signals have also been given a very vivid and easy to understand position on the software now. The users are now able to view the indicators with graphs. These graphs have been taken from real accounts and this particular property can be viewed by finding the green icon at the bottom left of the graph. The software has also updated its “ping” section to check how much delay there is when you ping. The accuracy has been increased to ensure that the results you are more reliable. This has been done by measuring the ping 3 times.

Now, in addition to the updates mentioned above, the most amazing one has been the addition of virtual server option on the terminal. When you want to make sure that your trades take place in real time and the stats you get are the most updated stats, you would want least delays. This is done by adding the option for creating your virtual server account. The user of the software the can create the virtual server account by simply clicking on the virtual server option on the menu. When you register the virtual server you actually rent one from MetaTrader.

As the MetaTrader developers say, the new virtual server feature is more suited for people who do a lot of copy and mirror trading. When you are doing automatic trading, albeit it copy or mirror trading, you need to have your robots on the job without delays. With a virtual server it is like having your own powerful server with features that are strong enough to keep your robots going without any interruptions and delays. Not to mention, MetaTrader has made this job as easy as selecting the option for renting the virtual server from a menu with one click.